I am Robyn Anne: photographer, wife, mother of boys, and antique junkie.  My photographic style is best described as warm and timeless.  I refined my photographic techniques at East Carolina University where I received my Bachelors in Fine Art with a concentration in photography.  

My calm and upbeat personality has served me well, from soothing the upset newborn to calming a stressed bride.  I strive to make my clients comfortable and happy because happy is beautiful. To me, a photograph is never just a piece of paper; it’s a time capsule of a fleeting moment, a preserved memory and emotion.  

When I am not photographing, editing, or blogging, I can usually be found outdoors, being the sidekick for my superheroes (my sons, Gabe & Colby), planting in the family garden, or driving with the windows down, feeling the breeze, scouting my next location for a photoshoot, seeking fire escapes and distressed benches of downtown southern cities, and searching the horizon for the perfect light hitting the fields of North Carolina around my home.